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League Table County U16 F Division 2

St Mary's Juvenile 550085196610
The Nire 64029159328
Rathgormack 54015335188
De La Salle 4301494186
Dún Garbhan 63035763-66
Stradbally 53025066-166
Ferrybank 42023743-64
Cois Bhride 31023454-202
Naomh Brid 61053487-532
Dungarvan 00000000
Clan na Gael 8008023-230

County U16 F Division 2
11:00Clan na Gael 0-0vs5-8St Mary's Juvenile More
11:00Cois Bhride 3-5vs1-8Naomh Brid Note: Venue ChangeMore
11:00De La Salle 4-6vs0-4Ferrybank More
11:00Stradbally 3-5vs2-7Rathgormack More
11:00The Nire 4-8vs2-3Dún Garbhan Venue Change More
10:30Naomh Brid 1-6vs6-6Stradbally Venue & Time Change More
11:00Ferrybank -vs-Clan na Gael Conceded by Clan na Gael More
11:00Rathgormack 3-10vs2-9The Nire More
11:45St Mary's Juvenile 3-15vs1-3Cois Bhride Note: Venue & Time Change More
19:00Stradbally 0-8vs5-12St Mary's Juvenile More
11:00Clan na Gael -vs-Cois Bhride More
11:00Ferrybank 4-5vs0-4Stradbally More
11:00Naomh Brid 1-7vs5-4Dún Garbhan NOTE: Venue Change More
11:00Rathgormack -vs-De La Salle POSTPONED due to high winds More
11:30St Mary's Juvenile 1-8vs0-5The Nire Time Change More
19:30Dún Garbhan 4-11vs3-3De La Salle Round 2 Re-Fixture More
19:30Dún Garbhan 0-6vs5-6Rathgormack Round 3 Re-fixture More
12:00Cois Bhride -vs-Ferrybank Round 3 Re-Fixture More
12:00De La Salle -vs-Clan na Gael Conceded by Clan na Gael Round 3 Re-Fixture More
12:00The Nire 4-18vs0-4Naomh Brid Round 3 Re-Fixture More
11:00De La Salle 2-13vs2-8Cois Bhride More
11:00Dún Garbhan -vs-St Mary's Juvenile Conceded by Dún Garbhan More
11:00Rathgormack -vs-Naomh Brid Conceded by Naomh Brid More
11:00Stradbally -vs-Clan na Gael Conceded by Clan na Gael More
11:00The Nire 3-12vs4-4Ferrybank More
19:00Clan na Gael -vs-The Nire Conceded by Clan na Gael More
19:00Cois Bhride -vs-Stradbally More
19:00Ferrybank -vs-Dún Garbhan More
19:00Naomh Brid -vs-De La Salle More
19:00St Mary's Juvenile -vs-Rathgormack More
11:00De La Salle -vs-Stradbally More
11:00Dún Garbhan -vs-Clan na Gael Conceded by Clan na Gael More
11:00Naomh Brid -vs-St Mary's Juvenile More
11:00Rathgormack -vs-Ferrybank More
11:00The Nire -vs-Cois Bhride More
11:00Clan na Gael -vs-Rathgormack Conceded by Clan na Gael More
11:00Cois Bhride -vs-Dungarvan More
11:00Ferrybank -vs-Naomh Brid More
11:00St Mary's Juvenile -vs-De La Salle More
11:00Stradbally -vs-The Nire More
15:00De La Salle -vs-The Nire More
15:00Dungarvan -vs-Stradbally More
15:00Naomh Brid -vs-Clan na Gael Conceded by Clan na Gael More
15:00Rathgormack -vs-Cois Bhride More
15:00St Mary's Juvenile -vs-Ferrybank More

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